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October 28, 2016
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December 8, 2016
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Why Not A Winter Wedding? Top Ten Reasons To Consider An Off Season Wedding!

Why Not A Winter Wedding?

Top Ten Reasons To Consider An Off Season Wedding!


When you start seeing all those Facebook and Instagram engagement announcements, most people usually expect to receive a wedding invitation in late spring to celebrate the big day in the summer. But more couples are opting out of the typically 30 plus degree summer day for a less traditional time of year.

Off season weddings are becoming more and more popular for a number of different reasons.  Here are our top 10 reasons why you should be planning to tie the knot during this beautiful time of year!




1. It’s romantic

Colder weather provides the perfect excuse to snuggle up to the one you love!

Some people might not like to admit it, but the winter months can be pretty darn romantic. Think about it, is there anything more lovey-dovey than wrapping yourself up in wool blankets and getting cozy in front of the fire? I don’t think so!

Remember the sun will be setting a bit earlier in the evening, so you can dress up your venue with lots of candlelight and fairy lights to create a magical scene to get the atmosphere going from the moment dusk sets in. Don’t forget you can dress up any exterior trees as well and use candles to light the walkways outside.



sash-and-satin-winter-wedding-inspiration-42. Wedding Dress/ Accessories

Because who doesn’t love a reason to accessorize!
A cooler temperature means you have more options for not only your dress, but more options for your bridal party attire as well. Brides can keep warm in something super stylish like a beautiful fur wrap, a fluffy shawl or a romantic silk velvet cloak, avoiding the self-consciousness that often comes with a strapless or backless summer dress. Think long sleeves like Kate Middleton, wool suits, and chic cashmere hats and scarves.


3. Decor

A winter wedding allows you to be more creative with your colour palette as the majority of colour schemes work for this time of year. Whether you use bold reds and rich purples or pale pastels, silver and creams, they all compliment the neutral months of wintertime.

You can also experiment with a themed décor. Think more natural components like frosted pinecones, pine leaves, snowflakes, or holiday lights to enhance your winter wedding wonderland.  Instead of going with fresh flowers, introduce holly, evergreen, berzelia berries and silver brunia.




4. The Honeymoon Stage

Another big reason to love a winter wedding, that many don’t consider, is the idea of an island honeymoon! Justify an escape from the cold, and fly to a warm and sunny island for a sweet honeymoon adventure.  If you say ‘I do’ during the summer months, you’re leaving the hot weather for even hotter weather. You’ll also have to avoid places like the Caribbean because of hurricanes at this time.




5. ALL your Guests can actually RSVP!

Summer is busy for everyone. Between family vacations and the other 5 weddings you were already invited to, most of your weekends are booked up before the summer really gets going.

Hosting an off season wedding, you’re much more likely to get all the people you really want at your wedding, as it is less likely that your wedding clashes with another one or someone’s summer holiday.

If you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you’ll find that many people have taken time off work in any case, so if you want to have a mid-week wedding then go for it. New Year’s Eve weddings are becoming extremely popular, and what better way to start off a new year than being Mr & Mrs? Of course winter isn’t just Christmas, you could get married over Valentine’s Day and still have a wintry theme.


winter-wedding-pink-bridesmaid-dresses6. Value Get more bang for your buck!

Choosing a winter wedding date gives you a big bargaining chip with your suppliers. Expect to spend less overall on expenses for your winter wedding. You could save as much as 40% for a wedding in November through April, compared to a typical wedding in June or July. Photographers, Florists, Decor, Venues and even hair and makeup will not only be more available during those off season months, but there is a very good chance that they will be offering a discount during the off peak season, making a winter wedding perfect for those brides on a budget.



7. Happier wedding guests

Spring and summer weddings are incredibly common, and almost every weekend is spent celebrating someone’s big day. If you go with a winter wedding, you can avoid wedding-guest-burnout and have a better time. The off-season for weddings can also bring out more generosity from your guests because they didn’t just do the same thing last weekend.

Your guests will also find it easier to get accommodation locally and may decide to have a mini winter break as a result.  A winter wedding will brighten up the dark days and guests are more likely to remember it, as they are few and far between compared with summer ceremonies.




8. It’s different

Your entire wedding, from ceremony to reception, is guaranteed to make an impression in the memories of all your guests simply because it’s different from all of the spring and summer weddings they’ve attended over the years. Plus, your wedding will provide something to look forward to in the colder months.


9. No Weather Worries

The weather is a concern for all brides, but by having your wedding out of season you are already prepared for the worst. You won’t spend time worrying about whether it’s going to rain, be sunny or cold. You’ll be expecting winter weather, your guests will be ready for it and you’ll be holding your wedding indoors in any case. Okay, so if you get a beautiful snowy day that’s a bonus, but unlike a summer wedding being held in a garden, you won’t be anxiously checking the weather forecast at 3am the night before.

Moreover, grooms will be more comfortable in their suits and brides won’t have to worry about their make-up melting in the heat, as they would in summer.


10.  Better photos
A cooler temperature also brings a more comfortable bride and groom. This makes for far better expressions, complexions, and genuine enjoyment during the photo shoot. Even if the two of you have to cuddle close together for warmth during the outdoor shots, it will likely feel more natural than a sweaty, posed picture. Plus, a scenic winter backdrop for your photos will be something you’ll both treasure for a long time. If you’re looking at April or March, you could get multiple seasons all in one day.

 This past April, one of our favorite couples experience sunshine in the morning, rain in the afternoon and some show to end the day, which left this couple with the most amazing selection of photos to last a lifetime.


After all is said and done, Weddings aren’t just spring and summeraffairs these days. The romantic ambience of a snowy landscape, the relative late of competition for vendors and venues, there’s clearly a lot to love about having a winter wedding.


Celebrate Love. Celebrate Life. Celebrate You.

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