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August 5, 2016
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August 5, 2016

We are lucky to have an incredible team of vendors who work with our clients to bring their dream wedding to life. To introduce you to these talented professionals, we sat down and asked the them about their inspiration, love for London and passion for all things Wedding! Learn more about them in our Vendor Spotlight Series coming to you from the Bella Blog.


Meet Dave from DJ Alpha Productions



On your off day, where would we find you?

Hanging out with my two young boys and amazing wife. We also love to travel, so if I get a few days off in a row, I’m outta here!


Now, tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into the Wedding industry?

I spent about eight years playing strictly nightclubs, and playing a nightclub in London when you’re over 25 is a little like hanging out at a teen dance when you’re…25. I still love to play them, but realized if I was going to keep my dream of DJing alive, I had to change my perspective. I started playing weddings regularly about six years ago.




Favourite Wedding Month? Why?

September! It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it’s usually a bit cooler at night so we don’t lose our crowds to the patio, and I find that there is something about a party in September… almost as if everyone in attendance knows that the summer is over so this may be the last time they get to really let loose for a while, and they usually go pretty hard on the dance floor!


What questions should prospective couples ask?

This is such a tricky thing, because each couple is so different. I know there is a three page list you can download from the internet that asks everything from “what do you wear to set up”, to “what song do you recommend for our first dance?”. To be honest, aside from a few questions on that that are valuable (insurance, legal music library, etc), I find that list a waste of time. My recommendation is to always meet your potential DJ, grab a coffee and share your story – what do you want your guests to experience, what are your music loves and dislikes, etc. At the end of the meeting, I think you’ll have a great idea if this is the right DJ for you.




Let’s get down to business..

What do you love most about your job?

It’s so hard the pinpoint one thing; I love music so being able to be surrounded by that every day is amazing. I am also a people pleaser, so making a couple feel great when we plan out their music for their wedding is awesome, and then delivering that and more is an even better feeling. If I had to pick just one thing, my absolute favourite part about DJing is the moment you’re giving the dance floor exactly what they want, and then dropping that gem of a song that they forgot how much they loved. The reaction from that is priceless.


What makes your services unique?

We often describe our services as “we’re not wedding DJs, we’re real DJs who play weddings”. It sounds a little rude, but it’s not – it’s truly who we are. Because of our club backgrounds, we mix the music live all night so there is no dead air, something that is pretty unique in this industry. That means we can mix Aretha Franklin into Black Eyed Peas into Rolling Stones without the dance floor even stopping for a second… which of course means more people dancing.





Any advice for your couples?

Yes – don’t underestimate the importance of your DJ! Nearly all of the timelines we see for weddings have minute by minute breakdowns of how the entire day will unfold, until 9:15 PM. Then it just says “DJ until 1:00 AM”. If you’re trusting your DJ to run your entire wedding for at least four hours – you better make sure they can bring it!


What is your favourite part of a Bellamere Wedding?

It’s a tie – the couples and the staff. We’ve found that the couples who pick Bellamere as their venue really value what exists there; from the atmosphere to the food, every detail is taken care of. We know that if a couple has chosen Bellamere, there is a certain expectation from our DJs and all of the staff, which we are more than happy to deliver on. We also love working with the staff, they know their stuff and are a ton of fun!




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