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August 17, 2016
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August 31, 2016

Your colour scheme will set the tone for you entire Wedding day. If you want to step outside the wedding box and wow your guests with a little pop of colour, these unexpected palette’s are just what you’re looking for.

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Make a bold statement with eye catching orange, ideally suited for your fall wedding. The orange will pop against a perfectly paired dark gray suit.

Expert tip- Add a little splash of teal for contrast.


Lemon & Mint

This is the colour combination that your Spring Wedding is asking for! Bright yellow’s paired with soft mint greens, tied together with white accents to bring it all together.

Expert tip- Sweet little centrepieces with soft green succulents and bright yellow tulips will bring it all together.


Black & White

Why not skip colour all together! There is nothing more romantic and elegant than black and white. Play with fabrics, textures and lots of candlelight to add dimension.

Expert Tip- Gold will bring a little sparkle to your finishing touches.


Peach & Sage

This pretty palette would be the perfect touch for a whimsical reception in our Winery Building.
Expert tip- Pair with a rustic winery chair to finish the look


Jewel Tones

Can’t settle on just two colours? Don’t! Choose a selection of jewel tones for a deep, rich and unexpected punch of colour.
Expert Tip- Choose colours with similar saturations of colour.


Let us know what your favourite colour combinations are!


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