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Tips from the Expert’s- One-12 Photography

One-12 Photography High quality wedding photography london ontario


We are absolutely thrilled to have the incredibly talented Cynthia from One-12 Photography on the blog today. Cynthia has compiled a list of Expert Tips for all you newly engaged couples looking for a photographer.

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How far in advance should you be looking to book a Photographer?

I highly suggest to book a photographer at least a year in advance to secure the one you really want.

What should we consider when choosing a photographer?

First I feel you need to be able to identify with the style of the photographer. Love what they have to offer and don’t go in wanting to change everything. Meet with the photographer and make sure you connect as you would be spending the whole day them.

What should we expect on the Wedding Day?

Expect a busy day full of fantastic memories. Your wedding photographer should be more than just a photographer, they should be there to guide you through the day, and making sure what you want documented is being covered.

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Do we need to prepare a list of photos we would like?

Yes and no. I always ask for a family shot list to ensure all family members are photographed that you wish to have photos taken with. It does not hurt to have a couple photos you want emailed previously however you should be hiring your photographer because you trust what they can do for you and you love their work.

When is the best time to get family photo’s?

I suggest doing family photos right after the ceremony before you lose everyone to cocktail hour


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How much time is ideal for photos?

I would budget a half an hour for family photos, 25 minutes for wedding party and one full hour for bride and groom portraits, followed by a 15 min refresher before going into the reception.

Should we do a first look?

It allows the couple to take away some of the pressure of seeing each other in front of everyone (it is more private). It also allows the couple to be a guest at their own wedding as they would be able to move into the cocktail reception that much faster.

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How many hours so you recommend to have the Photographer present?

8-9 hours is most common on a wedding day to photograph everything and not feel rushed.

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Any final tips?

Most important is to do your research, make sure the photographer is established, has the proper gear, and has back up gear at the wedding.

Check out Cynthia and her beautiful work at

Celebrate Life. Celebrate Love. Celebrate You.

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