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December 8, 2016
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April 25, 2018

Brittany Hall (centre) and the Esteem Team

Brittany Hall owner of Esteem (formerly Makeup By Brittany) is on the blog today sharing her expert tips on all things Makeup!

How far out should your services be booked?

Typically we book anywhere from one to two years in advance. Some dates are in higher demand than others so those dates will usually be booked solid as we approach the year mark.

What should we expect from the Esteem Team leading up to our Wedding day?

During the booking process the bride can be expected to be guided by myself personally (Brittany Hall, owner and director), regardless of if I myself am doing the makeup or one of my talented team members. With hundreds (if not getting closer to thousands) of weddings under my belt planning the makeup portion of an event is my area of expertise. Once the booking is confirmed we usually set both the wedding and trial date in place. From there, most of the work is done for a while so we can sit back and wait for dates to become closer. Then I will touch base with the bride again before her trial and then again before the wedding. Providing her with all the info she will need from me. As I have collected not only the simple details of date and time but ceremony time, ready time, photographers arrival etc. I am able to not only plan the makeup portion but ensure the bride is ready for the photographers arrival (if not soon after) so they can begin detail shots.

Is there a consultation?

At the bridal trial we determine the look, or as close to the look or feel the bride is after. We help get as close to the vision as possible on the first try and if small tweaks are required we will make those adjustments!

Okay, its Wedding Day, what now?

Since the flow of the morning as well as the look and feel of the wedding have already been established, the day of is smooth sailing. As I mention throughout the planning process, I prefer to take care of all of these details prior so that come day of everyone can just sit back and enjoy getting glammed up! The bride can expect a prompt start time for makeup as well as a timely finish of all faces. Our artists come with their kit packed for any and all situations!

Do you come to us?

We offer mobile services for parties of 4 or more and in home studio services for parties of less than 4 people. Of course we can make accommodations if needed and where needed.

How many artists should we expect?

This completely depends on the timing of the day as well as how many faces need to be finished. If we have a small getting ready window and a large group I will typically send two artists. If we have a large window with a small or larger party typically only one artist is required. This also depends on the artist, as every artist has completely different preferences for maybe how many faces they feel they can complete without loosing any fine motor skills, or some prefer to work at a slower pace while some prefer to work quickly. This has no impact on the finished product, again it’s very artist specific. With that being said, being artists, we all create in different ways with different requirements. I take all of these things into consideration when booking my artists as I know their preferences very well.

Our Beautiful bride, Ashley!

Bonus Pro Tips

– leading up to a special event don’t change anything drastic in your skin care regime, keep things as you always have to avoid any skin flare ups or reactions (if you are planning on a facial I suggest going for that a month or maybe more before hand)

– the night before again, keep things familiar for your skin, try out any products you plan to use well in-advance such as self tanner etc.

– the night before I always suggest to hydrate the skin well and apply a healthy amount of lip balm before you go to bed (not in the morning as too much hydration on the lips day of can effect the application of lip products)

– in booking with Esteem, you can trust you are in good hands. Try to sit back and let the planning regarding makeup, the knowledge of what is best for you and your vision be taken care of

– when deciding on your bridal look, no rules here! Although pick something you are comfortable with and maybe don’t stray too too far from what you are used to or shall I say the key components of your daily look. If you always apply liquid liner with a wing, ensure you keep that a part of your bridal look, or if you like a blushy look or tent to focus on your lips, keep those key components alive in your bridal look request. I always say, this is the most beautiful and formal dress you will most likely ever wear so your makeup needs to stand along side that. With hair and jewelry and the dress and shoes, the makeup needs to blend and compliment.



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