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July 20, 2016
London Ontario Wedding Photography
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August 5, 2016

Meet Julie & Brendan!   This beautiful couple had the most stunning Fairy-Tale Winter Wedding you could ever dream of! 

This is their story…

We met in high school (Brendan grade 9/Julie grade 10). We briefly dated but remained close friends afterwards. We always had a close relationship and had feelings for one another. 6 years ago we went on a trip to mexico with our friends and that’s when we officially started dating. In high school we always said we would grow up, get married, and move to New York (we are not moving to New York!! lol).

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There is a tradition in my family; every Christmas eve we get a slice of pizza and go look at the xmas lights on Jena Crescent (that’s where Julie’s mom grew up). On December 23rd, 2014 is when Brendan proposed. I was having a horrible day. The hot water heater broke so we didn’t have heat or hot water and I couldn’t get a hold of Brendan. I was worried with it being so close to Xmas that I wasn’t going to get anyone to fix it. Hours later after everything was fixed I was exhausted and in a bad mood. Brendan insisted we go get pizza (which I was really mad at considering the fact our fridge was full of food). I gave in and we went. As we were leaving Domino’s Brendan said we should go to Jena Crescent now, as we won’t have time tomorrow. Which just upset me even more (i like to stick to plans!) I told him we can’t because it’s only the 23rd. Again I gave in.

We got there, parked the car and walked the street. When we were in front of my mom’s house I go to turn around to walk back to the car and noticed Brendan wasn’t beside me.

I turn around and he was down on one knee : )




Tell us a little about what you were looking for, for your Wedding Day…

Brendan’s input ‘i see a lot of fire’ lol … Brendan wanted to have a lot of candles and lights in the room. I definitely wanted something that would stand out and be different. I wanted myself and everyone else to walk into the room and gasp. Which is exactly what happened!! I have always wanted to have a winter wedding at Bellamere; and lucky for me Brendan gave me what i wanted : )   I pictured lots of snow, family and friends and a big white dress. The most important thing to me when walking down the aisle to Brendan. Saying ‘I do’ and becoming husband and wife.

Looking back, what was your best decision?

I can’t name just one! – Definitely all of our vendors. We don’t have one regret. Our photographer, Vikki. Makeup artist, Catherine @ Esteem. My wedding dress from Nicholas & Elizabeth. Our decorator, Natalie & Amanda at Village Vines – They were phenomenal! And of course choosing Bellamere as our venue. Years ago my dad held a surprise party for my mom on new year’s eve at Bellamere. Ever since then I knew I wanted to get married in the winter at Bellamere. Everyone exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful for the choices I made 🙂

What was your fondest memory on your wedding day?

Towards the end of the night, Brendan and I went to the back of the room. He pulled out a chair and I sat on his lap. We sat there for about 10-15 mins. We watched people at the bar laughing, others on the dance floor being goofy, some people admiring the decor and the head table, and others having conversations and laughs at tables with friends. It was the most heartfelt part of the evening. Sitting back and taking it all in (I’m about to cry thinking about it! lol). Just to sit back and look at the room and all the people in it having a good time; that’s all we wanted and we feel so blessed to have all our families and friends surrounding us.

What was unexpected on the day of that you absolutely loved?

My parents had a few surprises for us! My mom had a large mat made with our names and wedding date on it. My dad had an ice sculpture card box with candle surrounding it and our initials made for us. I knew Village Vines would do a great job, but as soon as i walked into the room I was not expecting to see what i did. I was blown away and couldn’t help but get so emotional! All the small touches my parents and VV (Village Vines) did, and of course the head table… I was left in tears.

Why did you choose Bellamere? And what was your favorite feature of Bellamere?

My dad held a surprise birthday party for my mom at Bellamere on NYE years ago (approx 10+ yrs) I remember how gorgeous the venue was, how pretty the snow was coming down and all the lights. Ever since then I said this is where I am going to get married!!! My favorite thing was of course how gorgeous the room was, but having Patti!! I didn’t realize I would have a planner along side me (thank god!!). She not only helped me plan my day, but eased my nerves and worries. I know there were A LOT of emails, and she always responded right away to calm me down and help me out. My day wouldn’t have gone the way it did without her. All evening herself and the staff were always asking if we were ok and needed anything. They addressed all our concerns and needs. Something that always stood out to me was it never felt like ‘business’. I felt like the whole time Patti was always interested to hear what I was going to do/have and always felt like she was so happy and excited for me and wanted to help.

Is there anything you wished you had spent more time or money on?
Nope! 🙂

Is there anything you wished you had spent less time or money on?
Just worrying in general – Cause is was no necessary everything turned out perfect!

Thinking back now, if you could go back, would you do anything differently?

Not a single thing. Every bride worries non stop about how exactly the day will plan out and all you care about is wanting it to go perfectly. Every single thing about the day was amazing in every way. Even today I am so satisfied and happy with how everything went. I continually look back with a big smile on my face.


What is your advice for future couples considering Bellamere?

DO IT (lol). You only get to do this once!  The venue sells itself. It’s gorgeous and so different than other venues. The service you get along the way is exceptional as well. I never felt alone and always had someone from Bellamere assisting me (even if it did not relate to them!!) I literally felt like a queen the whole evening. As soon as we walked into the room we were greeted with drinks. All the small things as well; such as our drinks. We informed Patti we were not drinking alcohol and all the staff were always right there and knew what we wanted and had it ready. I am a little picky when it comes to my drinks so even when my bridesmaid would go get me a drink the staff even knew what type of stemware I liked!!!! lol  Everyone there goes out of their way to help you and make you feel special and their main concern is that you and your guests are happy and are enjoying themselves.

Anything else you would like to add?

I felt like my whole day and wedding was straight out of a fairy-tale. I got to marry my prince, and then come to this drop dead gorgeous venue which was decorated to look like an enchanted forest. The small attention to detail, the personal touches, family and friends. I felt amazing in my wedding gown and will also remember looking at Brendan at the end of the aisle for the first time, and how handsome he looked in his navy blue tux. We were very happy we also decided in lui of favors to make a donation to a charity very close to both Brendan and I, The Ronald McDonald House. During the whole process and at the end, I feel like we gained so many new friends. I miss planning my wedding due to the fact I don’t get to see and talk to all my vendors anymore! Everyone who was involved will always have a special place in my heart; They all made me feel so special and as though my wedding was the only one they were working on. Planning a wedding is definitely stressful, but the people you meet and work with along the way make all of that go away and make everything worthwhile & bring your vision to life. We have never been so happy, we were so overwhelmed with love and support from everyone who was there with us on our special day and we will never forget those memories.

Our Amazing Vendor’s

Hair – Jennifer Dartch @ Chatters Salon

Makeup – Catherine @ Esteem (formerly makeup by Brit)

Dress – Nicholas and Elizabeth

Tux – Bud Gowen

Limo – Dorchester limo

Photographer – Vikki @ Vikki Christina Maria Photography

Floral & Decor – Natalie & Amanda at Village Vines.

Cake – Grandmas Oven

Ice Sculpture – Ice Culture

Ceremony Location – Church – First St Andrews

Photography Location – Plunkett Estate & Bellamere 


Thank you for sharing Julie & Brandon!

Celebrate Love. Celebrate Life. Celebrate You.

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