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Creative Favors Your guests will actually want!

Creative Favors Your guests will actually want!

Bride favour boxes as a white dress and black tux groom favour boxes. With couples name and date written on them.


Wedding favors are a tricky tradition to get right. You want to show your appreciation to all your guests without spending a fortune, especially on something no one event wants to take home or will throw in that junk drawer to be lost forever. You also don’t want to go TOO far outside the box with a unique idea. Try to find something that guys and girls will enjoy as well.

Here is our list of favors your guests will actually want!


Honey in mason jars with custom wedding logos. Honey sticks are tied onto each.

Jar of Jam or Honey

Give guests a taste of the local flavor with a jar of honey or jam from a nearby farm or a box of local freshfruit. Buy in bulk directly from a farm or business that uses local ingredients, or go to the farmer’s market and make your own! A great way to support a local business and give your guests a sweet treat to enjoy at home. Displayed in cute little jars with personalized labels and these little wooden honey dippers are the perfect touch.

A chalkboard sign behind custom wrapped coffee bean bags.



Coffee Beans or Tea

For the caffeine lovers out there. Let them know that “love is brewing” with some take-home bags of tea or coffee. Buy in bulk, then assemble in custom-stamped bags, or make personalized stickers showing your names and wedding date and seal the bags that way. Offer your favorite flavours for them to enjoy the next morning.

Oil in a glass bottle with a herb inside for flavour. A thank you label hangs off it.




Infused Spirits or Oil

Add a special kick to individual bottles of olive oil, vodka, or honey with your flavor infusion of choice. You can even include a recipe idea or two on the tag, so your guests can go home inspired.


Candles in mason jars sit on a table. The lids have custom wedding logos on them.





Who doesn’t love a yummy smelling candle!? There are so many DIY candle tutorials online which will help you stay within your budget. Plus, you can tweak the recipe to include your own favorite fragrance(s), and use whatever containers you want, from mason jars to vintage teacups.


A hot chocolate wedding favour idea. The mix, mini marshmallows, embossed stir stick and custom logo package.




S’mores Kit / Hot Chocolate Kit

S’mores and Hot Chocolate are always a classic crowd-pleaser and perfect take home gift for a rustic barn wedding especially in the chilly winter months.



Popcorn and candy bar with paper favour bags. Setup on the grand hall platter station.

Cookie or Candy bar with take away containers

Send your guests off with a baggie full of tasty treats, presented at a convenient (and adorable) self-serving station, so everyone gets exactly what they want. Candy makes a fun, nostalgic statement, but there’s almost no end to the types of foods you could use. Some ideas: cookies, popcorn, nuts, or granola.


Different handmade soaps are covered with custom printed card stock paper.



Pretty soaps

Similar to candles, soap is easy to make, affordable, and wide-open for personalization from the scents and additions you use (like dried herbs, coffee, or flowers), to the molds you use, to the packaging you wrap it in. If you’re not a do it yourselfer, there are great options on Etsy.


Wine bottles line a table with custom hanging labels.




Booze- any kind will do

Let’s be honest here, no one is going to complain about taking home a mini bottle of champagne, wine or your your favorite liquor. Just make sure your guests are taking it on their way home that evening and not on their way into the reception or things could get a little messy.

Leather travel bag tags with custom sayings sit on material.





Luggage Tags

Great option for a destination wedding! Engraving them with a simple “Mr.” or “Mrs.” (vs. a guests full name and address) will help your budget and your sanity.




A hot sauce wedding favour with the label "Thank you for spicing up our special day!"


BBQ sauce or Hot Sauce

Having a Southern wedding or BBQ Style Reception? Buy inexpensive plastic bottles and fill them with your favorite homemade or store-bought BBQ sauce or hot sauce. Put a custom label on them (Etsy has some great ones) and you’re good to go




Celebrate Life.  Celebrate Love.  Celebrate You.


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